First Annual Christmas Pageant – Stay Tuned, Fans!

Today, we have an overlapping with the Escapades blog.

A nativity scene is getting prepped – some of the Skaerrenvolk who live here at the Lab are participating in their first annual Christmas Pageant.  The excitement is building!  Costumes are just about complete, everybody knows their lines (they don’t have any, but there will be ad-libbing, as that’s how things go around here), and the blocking and staging are just about ready.

Stay tuned for pictures of their presentation!

. . . .  s n e a k  p e a k  . . . .

Heinrich got the role of Baby Jesus  Heinrich

(he is SO proud)




Maudeleine won the role of the Virgin Mary (what a beautiful Mary she will make!)





and O’Reilly got the part of Joseph. (how handsome you will be!)


 Congratulations, everybody, from all of us at the Lab, break a leg!!


And the winner is:

Carol Stuck from Buttermilk Creek Farms 

Congratulations, Carol – you won the whole  kit and caboodle!


A big THANK YOU to all of you for entered, and to all our new followers.

Be sure the check back in soon to see the latest chronicles of our adventures here at the Gallery and the Lab.  And for any of you who are so inclined, check out the Escapades of the Skaerrenvolk.  They have been having quite the time of it of late!  (



Christmas Blog Hop – The Details

Welcome, bloggers and fans!  Here are the details of the Blog Hop – good luck everybody and happy hopping!!

This blog hop will run from Monday, December 10th through Sunday, December 16th.  A winner will be picked Sunday night and announced on our blogs on Monday, December 17th.

Here are the rules to be entered to win.

Please be sure to follow all three rules.

1.  You must visit each of the seven blogs.  (They are listed below.)

2.  Once there, you must sign up to be a follower.  If you already follow the blog, please say “I’m already a follower” in your comment to enter.

3.  After you sign up to be a follower of the blog, you must leave a comment in the comment section (under this post) asking to be put into the giveaway.

And that’s all there is to it!  We will enter your name into the giveaway and one lucky person will win the whole bonanza of handmade ornaments!

There are seven artists participating.  The above pictures are numbered according to the artists listed below.  They are:

1. Carly Smith (our wonderful host) from Boggy Bottom Bayou – Carly is giving away a gorgeous set of vintage, mercury glass and lamp work bead ornaments.  Oh so pretty and very vintage!  And as a BONUS – if she gets 20 new followers on her blog, Carly is giving away a 10″ Santa in an adorable quilted outfit! (See middle picture #1.)  Click on this link to go to Carly’s blog:

2. LeeAnn Kress from Charmed Confections –  LeeAnn is giving away a cute set of six Charmed Confections Cupcakes in a holiday tin, along with two Candy Cane ornaments and two Lollipop ornaments.  How wonderfully delicious! Click on this link to go to LeeAnn’s blog:

3. Jody Johnson from Sweet Bear Creek Whims – Jody is giving away a beautiful reindeer pillow.  LeeAnn (above) says, “Sooo cute!  And I should know – I have one! Absolutely darling – you won’t want to part with it!”  Click on this link to go to Jody’s blog:

4. Brenda Griffith from The Rusty Thimble – Brenda is giving away the sweetest snowman ornament that will grace your tree.  You have to have him! Click on this link to go to Brenda’s blog:

5. Mary Bell from The Mary – Our giveaway is a Knitty Bitty Knit Couture Santa sweater set. Its hanging hardware includes a poseable Wyreman made from recycled cat-5 wire.  Check out the close-up view below.

6.  Nicoletta Farrauto from Niky’s Creations – Niky is giving away an incredible cross-stitched Pocket Keep with a darling cross-stitched reindeer and tree on it.  How cool is it that you can put fresh herbs or sprigs of evergreen in it – it will smell wonderful!  Click on this link to go to Niky’s blog:

7. Hope Rayel from Hope Rayel Handmade Dolls – Hope is giving away a sweet, little angel doll ornament to fly around your Christmas tree this season.  Every tree needs an angel, and this one is sweet indeed! Click on this link to go to Hope’s blog:

Scroll on down to see our Blog Hop Special that’s going on! 

Here’s a close up of our Knitty Bitty Knit Couture ornament:

“Even if the weather outside isn’t frightful;
Hanging on your tree will be so delightful!”


Good luck to everyone!

A Multi-Artist Christmas Giveaway Blog Hop!

Well, fans, it’s been quite a while since we’ve posted here – and a lot has gone on.

Earlene sporting her new Bumble travel suit.

Halloween,Thanksgiving, Black Friday, a revamping of three bookcases of books and magazines, my father and step-mother’s wedding anniversary, my father’s birthday, a partial remodel of a laundry room,  an out of town wedding, rainy days, sunshine, making new friends, daily walks outside,and knitting frenzies (read: new yarn made into mini sweaters and hats and a new outfit for Earlene).

 And now for something completely different.

Knitty Bitty
Knit Couture Set

We are very excited to get to be a part of our first Blog Hop.  It’s a Christmas ornament giveaway extravaganza!

The Blog Hop is being hosted by Carly Smith of Boggy Bottom Bayou, one of the exquisite artists at the Spirits in Sanford Halloween show this past October.  You can find her blog at She is an amazing artist, even featured in the August issue of Art Doll Quarterly – a 5-page spread!  So hop on over and check out her site!

The Blog Hop is a multi-artist giveaway, with something for every taste.  One person will win all the handmade ornaments on the Hop – and that person could be YOU!

It all starts on Monday, December 10th and runs until Sunday, December 16th, at 5:00 pm Pacific time.  A winner will be picked that evening and announced on all the blog sites of the participating artists Monday morning, December 17th.  The contest will be easy to follow, and all the details will be here Monday morning.

And, since it’s Blog Hop crazy here at the Gallery,   we’ve got a super special for all you Blog Hoppers out there – 25% off anything in the store, PLUS free shipping!

Since you can’t figure the cost of the Skaerrenvolk because the shipping is included, we’ve done the math for you:  during the Blog Hop, their low, low price is $45.

Happy hopping!