Black Paeg Construction Phase Begins

Well, LabFans, in anticipation of the upcoming Show (16 weeks and 2 days), we’ve begun the Black Paeg Construction Phase and there is a lovely scattering of black eyelashes (from the black eyelash yarn) adorning the throw rug where production commenced, as well as a nice pile of yarn trimmings forming.

We are very close to having the final formula confirmed, working on the head-to-body ratio, as well as the quantity of stitches and knitted rows.  The knitting needle size and yarn specifics have been ascertained and procured.  We feel confident that we will have standard production underway next week.

Shown below are Black Paegs under construction, as well as last year’s prototype.

Stay tuned, LabFans, and we’ll keep you apprized of our progress as we work toward the Show, as well as informed of any other events that transpire along the way.  We are thankful to have you with us!



Black Paegs in Construction Phase


Black Paeg 2012 Prototype

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