Knitting Spike

Well, LabFans, it’s been quite the knitting frenzy of late.  In addition to the Black Paeg knitting alpha and beta testing, a new supply of yarn was acquired and some test items were produced.  We’ve completed two sweaters, one with a matching hat, and three more hats.

Here are our Lab models: Maudeleine in a cotton hat, and O’Reilly in a wool sweater, a wool sweater/hat set, and a wool hat.


“I think I should get to keep this hat – it’s all the right colors for me!”
(100% cotton 4-ply in white, red, brown, yellow)


“How sporty! And, it’ll be really nice and warm when it gets cool out. I say, give this sweater test an A+!” (100% washable wool self-striping)


“I am just loving this sweater/hat set!”
(100% washable wool self-striping)


“Check out the picot edge on this ‘watermelon’ hat. Cool, huh!”
(100% washable wool self-striping)

During the process of documenting the new items, we took photos of a few of the older items that we have produced.  It seemed everyone was in a mood to show off our handiwork – even the microscope got in on the act.

It sure is nice to work in a place with so much team spirit, helpfulness and cohesiveness.   A big thank you to all of you who took time out of your busy schedules to participate!


“Homespun apple green is SO nice. And it even goes with the white scarf!”  – Lab Rat  (scarf: 100% acrylic;  sweater: 98% acrylic 2% polyester)


100% cotton sage green


“This hat is too small for anybody else – so I might as well keep it. Don’t you think?”  – Pink Hippo (100% acrylic white)


“Since I looked so good, I thought you should do a close up. And, I was right, too!”


“A thin scarf with a light weight hat both work for spring – maybe not so much now, as we’re into summer, but definitely spring.” – Rafael
(scarf: 100% acrylic; hat: 72% acrylic 20% cotton 8% nylon)


“This blue and green hat really brings out my eyes. Oh, yeah. It does.”
– Rafael
(100% washable wool self-striping)

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  1. Ok – you should be writing for a TV show! The “people” are so realistic. AND beautiful knit work (I just made that term up). Could you make the Lab Rat’s sweater people sized?

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