Trading Card Giveaway and Sky Craft Parts & Surplus

Over the summer, Acquisitions was out and about looking for items to procure and visited an old standby, Sky Craft.  For any of our fans who are close by Orlando, or come to town for a visit, we highly recommend a treasure hunting adventure to this wonderful establishment.

Our Lab, like many others, has a history of finding quite the unusual item here.  We wish you all well on your treasure hunting adventures.  Report back on your findings by commenting to this post, and receive a free Skaerrenvolk trading card of your choice!


For any of our LabFans familiar with the Orlando area prior to the 1980s, this identification tag will make you envious of us here at the Lab, as we now have this little gem in inventory.


In the Orlando area buying and selling since 1974, Skycraft is a self-service surplus sales outlet that sells to the general public as well as thousands of businesses throughout the United States, featuring electronic parts, electrical supplies, hardware, wire and cable, test equipment, and thousands of hard to find items. Skycraft has even been featured in a Discovery Channel show on Satellites. The segment showed an amateur radio group shopping for parts for a satellite, Amsat, that they later launched into orbit.


Rows and row of containers just like these hold valuable items ready for purchase.

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