Roxanne has an admirer!

Roxanne is our latest Skaerrenvolk to be admired on Etsy. We are so proud of you, Roxanne!  Congratulations!!


“Everyone says, ‘I can’t believe it!’ when they get picked.  And now, I’m saying the same thing!  And, just like everybody else, I will work hard at living up to this great honor.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Miz Sharron’s friend is Valedictorian!

What a great picture of you two together!  Congratulations to your friend, Miz Sharron.  And to you, too – yes, you ARE super super smart!


“She is just SO smart. And she’s MY friend! Doesn’t that make me *extra* smart – just by association? Or maybe, by derivation – she chooses me to be her friend, and since she’s super smart, that would then make ME super super smart. Right?”

Janice is admired on Etsy!

The very next day after being listed on Etsy, Janice was chosen as a Favorite Item – way to go, Janice!  We are all so proud of you.  That’s quite the honor.  Thank you for representing us here at the Lab.  You sure make us all look good – thank you, Janice!


“I just can’t believe it! I’m still stunned. Thank you all for believing in me!!”

Miz Carol gets admired on Etsy!

Miz Carol is calling all her friends to let them know that she got picked as a Favorite Item on Etsy!

Congratulations, Miz Carol!  We are all proud of you!!  That is quite the accomplishment.  What will you do next??


“I can’t believe it! This is so unexpected. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  I hope I can live up to this great honor.”


Ansel hangs out with the markers

Ansel, you ARE a colorful character.  And yes, USA Network should list you as one of their characters, too.  Good idea!!

You fit right in with the markers, too, Ansel.  Thank you for giving us a laugh today.  It’s nice to have you around!


“They tell me, I’m a colorful character.  I suppose I could be on the USA channel, huh!”