Pencils, pencils everywhere. Not a thing to write.

Some shenanigans were on-going for a few of our Skaerrenvolk.  Writing implements were the theme of the day.  The question was asked:  which writing tool is your favorite?  Comment and let us know – there are many inquiring minds here!

“Fresh pencils. Mmmmmm.” – Clive Barningham


"Although these are not pencils, they are, in fact, writing utensils.  And, I LOVE them!" - Aunt Lilly

“Although these are not pencils, they are, in fact, writing utensils. And, I LOVE them!” – Aunt Lilly


"A bouquet of pencils.  And I'm a part of it." - Heinrich

“A bouquet of pencils. And I’m a part of it.” – Heinrich



"Markers, people.  Markers are the way to GO!" - Ansel

“Markers, people. Markers are the way to GO!” – Ansel


Third Annual Christmas Pageant

The third annual pageant was just as great as the last two.  The set, costumes, and especially the cast, were fabulous.

It is truly a wonderful pageant, and we thank ALL of you for the hard work you do.  You create a beautiful experience for everyone.  Congratulations to all involved.  You make a great team!  THANK YOU!





Taking their bows: O’Reilly (Joseph), Heinrich (Jesus), Maudeleine (Mary).

Earlene is a beautiful assistant

You are looking good, Earlene!  Nice outfit!!  Beautiful Assistants everywhere are jealous of you and your showmanship skills – way to show off that french fry box, and those crayons are looking nice in the background, too!


“And here we have a french fry box. A lovely addition to your desk, so practical yet quirkily functional.”