On Finding Treasures on the Ground

Most recent found item:


A lug nut found in the Target parking lot.

You can’t tell, but it is HUGE – 1.75″ across, and 1″ tall.

How cool is THAT!  I can’t wait to see where I’ll use that in some assemblage or something, or make it a part of a piece of inspiration that I have on my desk.

What are some of your coolest finds?


3 thoughts on “On Finding Treasures on the Ground

  1. Ha! Ha! Mary you are so cute! I can picture is treasure as a purse for one of your babies. Seal up the bottom with a little cardboard after you attached a twisted wire handle. How cute would that be! I know you will come up with something clever! Take care my friend, LeeAnn – Charmed Confections

    • Oh YOU are way too funny! The person would have to be a weight lifter to have THIS for a purse….. now, I’ll have to MAKE a weight lifter person! Thanks for the good idea!!

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